Out of Orbit [prod. Harris Cole]


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"Out of Orbit"

(Rest) Home has me stressing; the blessing of adolescence
Still fresh in my breath til next year

Grab your phone, leave a message if ever you want to check in: my chest been less near
Collapsing; I'm only asking for something real

Fuck these feelings, got a lot on plate, but don't want the meal
(Rest) Only appeal I have is my homies, who know I'm real
Time will reveal the course of my message; I hope it heals

To pull the noose, or keep moving forward?

Women from Oregon had my orbit
When, and if only I'd known to hold in there little longer

Coulda had that number, bagged it; or even loved her

But now I'm on another
Path; it's near the summer
But fall approaching quick as ground hits the dumber

Punch in the numbers, then put up with scumbags
For 9 bucks an hour; I sure don't fucking want that

To be my future
That can't satisfy hunger

That the stomach pangs can't match
It's just a shame, that Xanax

(Is) Doing my brothers this way, and others' the same
Intelligent minds fall in the drain; and the rain? It just stands back

The blade just jabs back
And they just brag rap
I express the pain; in time, address all ways my hand claps

Applying pressure, weight, when there's a wall in way of path

Blessed to say it; pests'll escalate with grabbed traction

I'm ascending ways our lives are placed in hand baskets

Been depressed for days; it comes in waves
You can't catch it

I'll be damned if all the subtle things what rubbed away
The walls around my brain, and left me hanging from the back rafters

Battle-esque when stress lulls brain; lesser, when playing back raps that
Help me see through all these shit storms, eh?

Never knowing what's in store
Aye, aye

Woe is me,
Because I'm going through some shit right now (this part was scrapped)

Waiting for the light to shine in through my blinds
Taking everything in steps; avoiding big surprise
Procrastinating; Satan said he's got the dank and lines
And God stays more low key; more like a "hey" from time to time

Which one do I pick?
Go for a house, and some kids?
Or I could take the drug route, and just drown in abyss

Or even get lit?
Shit, I'm crazy for this
Inner conflicts got my inner convict staging hits, cuz

Where I keep my comfort zone is where I lay
I wanna travel timezones, but then I wanna die

False bitches stick to scripting convos just for likes
Am I kidding/"kid"-ing? I don't know, but tell your mom to cry

Cuz any kid these days could be the one to die
Violence is spreading quick; and I'm just tryna stop it, I
Been going insane thinking about how what they taught was lies
When we were kids, I had to walk; I never had a ride


released March 23, 2017



all rights reserved


KYLE KAMPPI Seattle, Washington

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